144 DarkPixel Graphic Pack

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This high-quality graphic assets kit draws inspiration from the retro 8-bit aesthetic of the 1980s and 1990s. The "DarkPixel Graphic Pack" features a bold vector pixelated collection characterized by vibrant grunge pixel art shapes, unified by a dark mystical theme. The set includes iconic objects such as gothic monsters, ghosts, traps, poison bottles, snakes, bats, ravens, cats, and much more!

Each element is available in two variations to ensure seamless integration into your designs:

  • Simple (72 items): Offers low detail, ideal for icons and user interfaces.
  • Detailed (72 items): Provides high detail, perfect for illustrations and T-shirt designs.

Every shape boasts a unique vector texture that mimics pixelation, similar to the dither effect seen in raster images. Each object is meticulously optimized to eliminate unnecessary points, ensuring they do not overburden your computer system. These vector files can be easily edited in any vector graphics software.

✦ What You'll Get: ✦

144 Shapes (72 in Simple Option + 72 in Detailed Option):

  • 2 AI Master file with 144 shapes (source vector format)
  • 2 EPS Master file with 144 shapes (source vector format)
  • 2 SVG Master file with 144 shapes (source vector format)
  • 2 PDF Master file with 144 shapes (source vector format)
  • 144 EPS vector files
  • 144 SVG vector files (best for recoloring in CANVA)
  • 144 PNG files, 5000×5000px, 300ppi, on transparent background
  • 144 JPG files, 5000×5000px, 300ppi, on transparent background
  • 1 PDF with previews


  • PNG and JPG files can be used with any graphics editing software.
  • AI vector files are compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS6 or later.
  • SVG files are compatible with any vector editing software, including Canva, Figma, Inkscape, and more.
  • EPS files are compatible with most vector editing software, such as Affinity Designer, Corel Draw, Vectornator, and more.
  • PDF files can be opened with any vector editing software you have available.

The "DarkPixel Graphic Pack" is ideally suited for trendy poster designs in maximalist, Brutalism style, printed clothing, streetwear fashion brands, logo creation, social media posts, music album designs, sticker packs, packaging design, and more. These exceptional graphic assets can enhance your bold modern design projects and save time.

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144 DarkPixel Graphic Pack

0 ratings
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